Lightset Tamiya Scania S770

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Platines (left + right) for a Tamiya Scania S770.

Combination set for Front and Rear

Platine for Roof, Contour and Beamlights

PAY ATTENTION!!!! Due to the strange construction of the front lights, the platines and the LEDs are separate from each other. These are connected with wires. Some knowledge and creativity in handy

The platines are equipped with resistors for 7.2 or 12 Volts (2s or 3s). Specify your desired voltage with your order. Together with the standard wiring, they can be used directly in a truck.

Servonaut, Beier or our own lighting system, all are applicable. In combination with the rear platform, your truck is complete in one go. Look in the selection list for the offer

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