Beier Connect Board V2

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Want a Beier, but not in the mood for soldering.

Here's the solution... The Beier Connect Board.


Connect the flat cable between your Beier and your board and you can connect all your wires with a screw terminal. If you also connect a plus (+) to the board, you can also distribute it to all your lighting.

Available without resistors, but also with resistors to be able to connect LEDs directly so that you don't have to puzzle with resistors yourself.

The standard length of the flat cable is 10 centimetres. If you want a different length, please indicate this in the selection menu.

Suitable for:

  • Sound module USM-RC-3
  • Sound speed controller SFR-1
  • Double sound speed controller SFR-1-D
  • Sound speed controller for Torro / Taigen and Heng Long SFR-1-HL
  • Speed controller UFR-1230
  • Double speed controller UFR-1230-D
  • Light modules LM-BT-16-4 and LM-IR-16-4

Beier is not included.

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